This lake is deep.

We're losing it.

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Enjoy it while it lasts.


My daughter is barely fifteen.


If possible, I'd like to know the name of the author.

My name is Henry.

Be utterly dejected.

The best was yet to come.

We didn't bring it back.


You look exactly like your brother.


His advice is always very rational.

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Your breath smells.


When was the last time you took the children to the beach?


I'm assuming you have a plan.

The first one to the riverbank won't be drinking dirty water.

Mahjong is a game well-known all around the world.


I know what Mwa wants for his birthday.


None of us speaks French.

It's absolutely true.

We had our chances.


Marian's drink is stronger than yours or mine.

Today I take your hand so that we may grow old together.

He abandoned me.

Complete that which you can today. Don't leave it till tomorrow.

I'll vote for Margot.

This project turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

Rajeev must be home by now.

Cathrin tried to lift the box.

The palace has two wings, which flank a court of honor. Rows of columns join them with the main building.


The program will be on the air before long.

Dwight and Lawrence didn't speak to John.

You're making me waste time.

Let's find Miriamne a nice office.

Russia expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.

I am older than he by three years.

Could you please tell Cory I need to talk to him?

She looked dazed with the drug.

"Gee, I wonder what Ganon's up to! Do you wonder that?" "No, I'd rather wonder what's for dinner, given that it's due in a minute." "Okay then."

My brother was injured in the car accident.

He made a clean breast of his troubles to her.

Pirates, buccaneers and privateers are not synonyms.

I wouldn't want to bother you.

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It looks like we didn't understand him.


I didn't understand what the writer was trying to say.

Don't try to be a hero now.

They replaced that factory's employees with mechanical arms.


The typhoon brought lots of rain to that area.

I'm getting tired of driving on this winding road.

Who is he and what's his name?


I didn't know you and Edwin were related.

Let's continue from where we left off yesterday.

Tell Don to leave.

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I wish I knew who Elijah was.

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He drives very fast.

I wish I could explain to you how important this is to me.

Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.

He's not much as a singer.

I wonder if Val can swim.

Jones didn't mention who he'd met.

It was stupid of him to turn down his offer.

What on earth are you doing in a fishing boat?

We make grapes into wine.


You've given me a lot to think about.

I don't even want to know.

Nhan is under guard.

She can wait till the cows come home but he'll never come back.

The door could not be opened.

A carrot is a healthy snack.

I thought you could help us.


It looks like a great day for a picnic.

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You don't seem afraid at all.

We got up at four in the morning.

Hartmann is upstairs with the children.

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What do you think they'll do?

The baby soon fell asleep in the cradle.

The house over there on the hill is my house.

English is not easy for him to learn.

Nathaniel was stabbed over thirty times.

Please put your weapon on the ground.

Maria would like to know if Esperanto is really as easy to learn as Kenton has claimed it to be.

I am fed up with imperfect people, so I've decided to isolate myself for a while.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English.

It's only when I can't sleep at night that the ticking of the clock bothers me.

What would a good price for that be?

She bought the old table for next to nothing.

The police got an important piece of information from him.


Quit smoking if you don't want to die early.

On leaving school, he went into business.

Whose fault was it?

When we went to karaoke, Debi went on singing all night.

It's beautiful.


I forgot to call him today.


I can't remember where I hid my money.

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You don't have to hide.

I bought myself several spiral-bound notebooks.

Thirty years ago, timber was the main industry here.

I promised to obey him.

Rainer likes taking walks at night.


Why were you picking up guys?

Mike has two friends who are girls.

Isn't that where we first met?

I wonder how much money Stephen has in his wallet.

I've been concerned about you.

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Jill said he saw nothing.


Is there anything else you want to say?

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Tomorrow night, I am going to Narita airport.

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We think it's fair.

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I could make a fortune doing this.

Are you trying to say I don't have any brain?

We went to the mountain to ski.

I don't want to sit next to Dieter tonight.

Smoking may be harmful to his heart.


Allen noticed Pratap's bracelet on her desk and wondered why she wasn't wearing it.

You still seem to be upset.

I have missed my train.


They are amid the city noises.

Obviously, it's not working.

That proposal may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, but we also have to be careful not to get greedy and spoil everything.

The mother was disappointed at her son when she found out the atrocities he had committed.

I'm walking in the park.

I was bitten by a mosquito.

Ancient people lived close to nature.

I usually take size eight shoes.

I'm getting really tired.

If you help me with my English, I'll help you with your Japanese.

Hal has done it in the past.

I've been trying to write something for hours, but nothing comes to my mind.

It's all I could find.


Dirk seems conceited.

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The sky started to darken.

Lucy is a pretty little girl.

This woman is very good looking.

This place is disgusting.

Dirk says he'll do nothing.

If possible, I'd like to travel around the world.

Do you come from New York?


Do you know who her father is?

I prepared breakfast for her.

She can read very well.


He was born in the winter.


I give you my supreme word of honor.


We're doing this to help Arnold.

Insects have a hard skin.

England always does well in the World Cup matches because of their strong defenders.


She put fresh soil in the flowerpot.

Did Benson tell you that, too?

Were you courteous?

Rakhal's room is quite small.

I've told you many times.

Dan agreed to talk to Detective Matt Brown at the station.

Keith has got a plan.

All of her books are written in Italian.

Dan told his daughter Linda that he would cut her off financially if she married Matt.


Can you pull me out of here?

No one can know everything.

Jon's question caught Konrad completely off-guard.


I'm not in a very good mood.